Most Famous Ruby Jewelry!

Jewelry fashion trends may come and go, but their power to mesmerize us linger. Although, time captivation varies person to person, some glistening ruby jewelry continues to woo us till date. We are in complete frenzy every time we read about these works of art.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at world’s most famous ruby jewelry, and their irresistible beauty:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Designed by Cartier, this amazing piece shows incredible craftsmanship and innovative design. Mike Todd gifted this ruby and diamond necklace to his gorgeous wife and actress, Elizabeth Taylor. This design consists of a circular and baguette-cut diamond latticework bib. In the front, we see seven cushion and oval rubies, connected to a circular and baguette-cut diamond chain, joined by shield shaped diamond and cushion-cut ruby clasp. In December 2011, Taylor’s necklace was auctioned at Christie’s for $115,932,000. It became the most valuable jewelry auction in history, and the proceeds went to charity.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Ring:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Ring

Next on our list, we have Elizabeth Taylor’s immaculate ring. She may be more well-known for her emerald and diamond collection, but she is also famous for her ruby jewelry. Presented by Richard Burton as a Christmas gift in 1968, the ring features a center oval ‘pigeon blood’ ruby. She loved this Burmese ruby, and called her radiant gemstone a ‘perfect color’. Designed by Van Cleef and Arpels, her ruby weighs 8.24 carats. The ring is designed in 18K gold and has a diamond surrounding.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Ruby Necklace:

Queen Elizabeth II’s Ruby Necklace

London native Mrs. Greville left Queen Mother many beautiful jewelry pieces. Some of them bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth II. Amongst her vast inherited collection, is an impressive Boucher on Ruby set Belle Époque necklace. It showcases Edwardian style with dense settings and a floral design pattern.

Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Tiara:

Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Tiara

Danish Crown Princess Mary fondly wears Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara. Originally belonging to Queen Luise of Sweden, she passed her eternally beautiful Ruby Parure Tiara onto her daughter (future Queen Luise of Denmark) as a wedding gift. Queen Luise of Denmark wore her tiara with a stunning ruby and diamond necklace.

Queen Amelie’s Ruby Necklace:

Queen Amelie’s Ruby Necklace

Queen Amelie of Portugal owned a beautiful ruby necklace, which was originally worn by Barbara Hutton. She wore her exquisite necklace on numerous occasions, including wearing as a tiara, but most notable was with an Indian sari, captured by photographer George Hoyningen-Huene.

Ms. Wallis Simpson’s Ruby Collection:

Ms. Wallis Simpson’s Ruby Collection

Popularly known as Duchess of Windsor, Ms. Wallis is famous for her scandalous marriage to Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor. She is also known for her elaborate jewelry collection; more specifically, her rubies! Her prominent collection includes a Cartier ruby brooch, a ruby cross pendant, and a ruby ring.

Sarah Ferguson’s Engagement Ring:

Sarah Ferguson’s Engagement Ring

Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with an astonishing ruby and diamond e-ring. The royal ring was from a British firm, Garrard Jewelers. An oval shaped Burmese ruby is surrounded by ten diamonds, encrusted in yellow gold. Her extravagant engagement ring valued at £25,000 in 1986.

Graff’s Cushion-Cut Ruby:

Graff’s Cushion-Cut Ruby

Graff bought this luscious red gemstone through Christie’s International Auction in St. Moritz in 2006. The gemstone is a cushion-cut Burmese ruby weighing 8.62 carats, and he paid $3.6 Million ($425,000 per carat), a world record at that time. He designed a new mounting, presumably for a client and also rechristened this unnamed gemstone after himself. Now, it is known as the Graff Ruby.

Etcetera Ruby and Diamond Necklace and Ring:

Etcetera Ruby and Diamond Necklace and Ring

Set in 18K white gold, this necklace  from Etcetera is encrusted with diamonds, oval and cushion-shaped rubies. Its pre-sale value is estimated between $7.25 Million and $11.4 Million. A Burmese pigeon’s blood red ruby (extremely exclusive) and forever brilliant diamond ring from Etcetera is another highlight. This ring is estimated to bring in $1.55 Million to $2.33 Million.

Simpson’s Engagement Rings:


The glamour of ruby has continued to Hollywood A-list celebrities, including the ‘Simpson sisters’. Both have chosen sentimentally unique ruby engagement rings  to showcase their bond of love. While Eric Johnson presented Jessica with a three stone ruby ring, beau Evan Ross picked up a Vintage inspired ruby engagement ring for Ashlee. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were simply left in awe.

The above exciting information presented is just a sample of most famous ruby jewelry until now. We look forward to witnessing more ruby charisma as the upcoming days unfold. What are your thoughts about our ruby jewelry examples provided above? What other famous ruby jewelry can you think of?


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