If You’re a Guy Reading This, Here’s Why This is Important

Women love jewelry. Women love getting jewelry from men and not just for Christmas time but anytime. Always have…always will. There’s something about gold and diamonds and precious gemstones that adds to the significance of the gift.

Women are romantic creatures—some more than others. They like nothing better than to tell the story of how their husband or boyfriend surprised us with the earrings or ring that they are wearing. Seriously as a Jeweler,  Karen and I see first-hand what it means.
Still Don’t Think She “Needs” Jewelry?
Guys, if it’s hard for you to confront shopping for jewelry or you don’t think she needs it, please think again. Maybe jewelry doesn’t mean that much to you, but she means that much to you.
Of course Women can purchase jewelry themselves.  All we can say is it means more if it comes from you. 
When you like someone, you give them something that you like, to share of yourself. When you love someone, you give them something that they love. And we can help you choos…

November’s Birthstone - CITRINE Physical Properties and Science of Citrine

Citrine is found in igneous (rocks produced under conditions involving intense heat) and metamorphic rocks, particularly in granite and gneiss. It is also found in classic sediments (matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid). Most good crystals are found as gauge minerals in mineral veins. Citrine is often found in association with, but it is much more rare than its purple cousin. Because it resists weathering, it is also found in alluvial sands and gravels. The largest supplier of natural citrine is the Rio Grande do Sol state in Southern Brazil. Citrine mines in the US are found in Colorado, North Carolina and California. The gemstone is also found all over the world, in Spain, Brazil, Africa, South Africa, France, Britain, Madagascar and the Soviet Union.

Although, not celebrated as much as Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, Citrine holds its own position. Here’s a look at world’s most stylish Citrine…

October Birthstones!

Individuals born in October get to choose between two birthstones, Tourmaline and Opal. Each gem have nearly limitless possibilities in colors, as each one comes in a rainbow of shades and color combinations. Opal:

The name “Opal”originates from the Greek word opallios, which mean “to see a change in color.” Opal’s classic country of origin is Australia. But it is also mined in Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic and parts of the U.S., including Nevada and Idaho.

In 1954, when the South Australian Government wanted to present Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, a gift in honor of her Royal visit to Australia, they thought of an Australian Opal because of exceptional beauty and quality. The finest gem crystal Opal ever mined at the ‘Andamooka Opal fields’ was selected and then John Altmann cut and polished this rare gem into 6 stones. The South Australian Government purchased 5 of these stones which were then made into a necklace, earrings and cuff links. The Gov…

Famous Sapphires

Lady Diana Spencer and Charles, Prince of Wales, became engaged in February 1981. Her engagement ring consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. It was created by jeweler Garrard and cost at the time, 28,000 pounds sterling. Diana's selection of this ring was unusual. It was neither custom-made nor unique and was, at the time of her engagement to Charles, featured in Garrard's jewellery collection and available to anyone for purchase. Some commentators say Diana selected it because it reminded her of her mother's engagement ring. Jewellery historian Leslie Field stated: "She [Diana] had obviously already said she would like a sapphire; she had half a dozen rings [to select from] and she chose this one purely because she liked it." Fields continued: "Somebody came up with the story that she immediately went for the biggest, but I asked her and she told me it definitely wasn't th…

Most Famous Ruby Jewelry!

Jewelry fashion trends may come and go, but their power to mesmerize us linger. Although, time captivation varies person to person, some glistening ruby jewelry continues to woo us till date. We are in complete frenzy every time we read about these works of art.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at world’s most famous ruby jewelry, and their irresistible beauty:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace:

Designed by Cartier, this amazing piece shows incredible craftsmanship and innovative design. Mike Todd gifted this ruby and diamond necklace to his gorgeous wife and actress, Elizabeth Taylor. This design consists of a circular and baguette-cut diamond latticework bib. In the front, we see seven cushion and oval rubies, connected to a circular and baguette-cut diamond chain, joined by shield shaped diamond and cushion-cut ruby clasp. In December 2011, Taylor’s necklace was auctioned at Christie’s for $115,932,000. It became the most valuable jewelry auction in hi…