October Birthstones!

Individuals born in October get to choose between two birthstones, Tourmaline and Opal. Each gem have nearly limitless possibilities in colors, as each one comes in a rainbow of shades and color combinations.

The name “Opal”originates from the Greek word opallios, which mean “to see a change in color.” Opal’s classic country of origin is Australia. But it is also mined in Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic and parts of the U.S., including Nevada and Idaho.

Elegant Diamonds-Opal-QueenNecklace

In 1954, when the South Australian Government wanted to present Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, a gift in honor of her Royal visit to Australia, they thought of an Australian Opal because of exceptional beauty and quality. The finest gem crystal Opal ever mined at the ‘Andamooka Opal fields’ was selected and then John Altmann cut and polished this rare gem into 6 stones. The South Australian Government purchased 5 of these stones which were then made into a necklace, earrings and cuff links. The Government presented this amazing suite of jewellery to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Phillip in 1954.


The name "Tourmaline" comes from the Sinhalese words tura mali, which mean "stone of mixed colors." Tourmaline is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.S.—mainly Maine and California.


Guinness World Record holder, The Paraiba Star of the Ocean Jewels Necklace features as its center stone the world’s largest Paraiba Tourmaline. The flawless 191.87 carats Paraiba tourmaline has been placed by experts in the field among the world’s rarest gems. This largest cut Paraiba tourmaline is a modified brilliant cut oval shaped gem, is a testament to over 4.5 billion years of Earth history, is a natural treasure of supreme historical importance.


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